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Grace A Graveyard
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Who are We?
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Julie Eastin

Newaygo County Michigan

Grace a Graveyard:

Grace a Graveyard is an affiliation of Soul Java Spirit Cafe.  We hope to help our county to preserve these older historic cemeteries.  The remains of those who rest in our cemeteries have helped build our county, our state and our country, by preservation we are helping their memories to live on.   

What we hope to acomplish:

With the help of volunteers and family members we can make a difference.  How, by simply volunteering your time to help with ground maintence, stone repair, and documention.  Report vandels and or people who have no purpose being there, don't let these cemeteries become the victoms of careless people who do not care.

Web posted Wednesday, April 16, 2003 from Holland Sentinel

Teen-ager arrested for cemetery vandalism
Police say man, 19, destroyed gravestones and damaged urns in Pilgrim Home Cemetery

By NATE REENS  Staff writer

Together as a community we can make a difference!

To read the full article please visit The Holland Sentinel.

Opened Grave
Help Prevent This From Happening

Is what we do legal?
Yes, we never go onto any grounds with out written permission.  No plot or headstone is ever moved or repaired with out the consent of the family and or county.  There are many laws and guidlines to follow, these may vary from state to state.  You may read more information on these standards and laws by visiting our web links page and visiting the sites listed. 

If you would like to be involved or would like more information, please feel free to email me.

Thank You, if you have read this far you have already begun to make a difference!

Julie Eastin

Grace a Graveyard/ Saving Graves

Newaygo County Coordinator