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Newaygo County Cemetery Photo Album
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Endangered Cemeteries Photo Album
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Newaygo County Cemetery Photo Album
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On this page I will provide pictures that have either been submitted or I have taken myself of different cemeteries through out Newaygo County MI.

Big Prarie Cemetery
Big Prarie Cemetery
picture by Julie A. Eastin

Goodwell Cemetery
Charles Dudgeon's Grave


I chose Goodwell cemetery for our first feature for a few reasons.  One the graves here are well tended for from loved ones of those who have departed.  Second I love the Dudgeon story, rich in history and folklore for our county.  This cemetery is a peaceful place filled with memories and love. 

Big Prarie
Big Prarie Cemetery, nestled peacefully on a quite country road.  This is a beautiful cemetery with some wonderful headstones.  Unfortunetly, there are many headstones that are in disrepair.  There are many ventrens that have been laid to rest here.  Just simply a beatutiful place.

Big Prarie
wonderful old headstone

Goodwell Cemetery

Newaygo Cemetery
May we never forget those who watched over our country!

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Newaygo Cemetery
Names to Remember


I picked Newaygo because it tells a tale of history itself.  One only need to walk amongst the headstones and read the names of many who formed this county.  Each name has a story, some even have a legend behind them! 

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The pictures provided here are courtesy of Andrew Whitlock
to whom we at Grace a Graveyard would like to extend much apperciation to.
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