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Endangered Cemeteries of Newaygo County
Endangered Cemeteries of Newaygo County
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Featured Endangered Cemetery Surrerar

Surrerar.....continues from front page

The site dates from the late 1800's, and we believe that it may have been active for perhaps 20 years.

Currently the land is owned by the Forest Service, and one of their archeologists has been working to get a magnatometer survey done. Unfortunately, there is no funding available from the federal government.

Because of it's remote location, over the last 10 - 20 years Surrerar has become a popular place for hunting, drinking and dumping trash, and about 10 years ago an attempt to actually dig somebody up was thwarted by the USFS. There is anecdotal evidence of 9 burials - Shattuck, English, Saunders, & Boyd - but the origins of these records have been lost and there are no known documents to back them up. We believe, however, that there may be many more interments on the property, and the study could confirm this. A second option would be to devine the site.
Although the location appears in a number of published sources, very few people are aware of its existance and exact location.
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Andrew Whitlock


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We are currently looking into this cemetery, it has been brought to our attention that it may have been simply covered over, with the headstones and remains just left to be forgoten.

Newaygo County Poor Farm
This is perhaps the location of this forgotten cemetry

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