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Founded in 2002, Soul Java started out as nothing more then a few friends with the same ghostly interest, since then it has grown to so much more.  Today Soul Java Spirit Café is more than a Ghost Hunters Group, we are active in Historical Preservation that ranges from historic buildings, sites, to teaming up with Saving Graves to help promote the preservation of cemeteries across the nation.  Soul Java is not only interested in preserving these historical landmarks, but we are also working to preserve the Great Ghost Stories and Legends of America.  Are they true, or mere fiction, stories created to keep ones from harm, or to give comfort to those who have lost a loved one?  Come and explore these questions with us.Were just dying to have you along!

Soul Java Spirit Cafe is proud to present Grace a Graveyard.  We are teaming up with Saving Graves to help bring about cemetery preservation here in Newaygo County Michigan.

Upcoming Events 2004/2005

When ever possible, I will post any preservation or historical events here.  If you know of any or are a group with events and news to share please feel free to email me.


Please email me with any comments or concerns, or if you would like to become involved in Newaygo County MI cemetery preservation.

Soul Java Spirit Cafe


Newaygo County MI paranormal community has a new home at
please be patient while we settle in. 
A Brand New Soul Java!!!

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